The Experience

In one space and for one price, FED  serves as a catalyst for a Big Letter and little letter experience; both unique in their creation and goals but essential in their coexistence.

The BIG Letter experience includes a seat at the table where you will receive anticipatory dinner service from your trained little letter, a front-row seat to the evening’s entertainment, an immersive cocktail hour, and the chance to treat your taste buds to a delectable meal prepared by our celebrity chef all while adorned in your finest Black Tie Fetish Formal attire.

The little  letter experience embodies every element of intentionality, grace, poise and most of all service.  You, alongside your other little letters, participate in a Service Intensive specifically designed to prepare you the  evening ahead; mentally, emotionally and physically with practical skills and techniques.

After completion of your virtual and in-person training sessions, you will be ready to serve your assigned Big Letter and be equipped for future opportunities to serve throughout your kink journey; significantly adding to your service resume. In addition, you receive early admission to the Luxe Haus and behind the scenes access to the Triple L Team as you prepare and share an intimate and uniquely curated pre-event meal served by our celebrity chef and her amazing staff.

All before receiving your service imprint symbolizing your service and protection under the Luxe Haus for the evening. As you sneak a peak of the sultry performances of the evening in your tasteful sadomasochistic themed lingerie; you serve with humility and purpose;  a pivotal role in the success of this experience.

Dress Code: Black Tie Fetish Formal Enforced Formal includes gowns, cocktail dresses, or dressy pants suits; tuxedo, a formal dark suit with matching pants, white shirt, and tie.

little letter types and those in service wear tasteful all-black lingerie/fetish attire. Fetish accompaniments include sheer, lace, corsets, Leather, rope, latex, cuffs, ears, tails, collars, etc. Heels are not mandatory for ladies. Nudity is not allowed at the dining table.

We’re ready to be FED, are you?

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